At the moment I’m 14 months into a traveling adventure which doesn’t really have an end in sight. Last year I was 3 years into my career as a Project Engineer when I decided that it was the perfect time to go exploring the world, before commitments began piling up. The plan is to see as many continents as possible and go exploring for the places that haven’t made it onto the tourist radar yet. All of this while getting better at my photography hobby.

So far I’ve had basically every kind of experience it’s possible to have; great times, terrible times, had my heart broken, probably broken a heart, climbed mountains, explored caves, sung songs with random people in bars, partied on beaches, tried some weird food, sweltered during heatwaves, almost gotten frostbite and met so so many incredible people. I’m starting this blog from around 4 months into my trip and will be writing the rest from notes when I get spare time. As much as it helps keep a record for myself, hopefully it will help family and friends keep up with me.



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  1. dogslegs says:

    In a word, ‘Wow’. Not only does your blog share a similar name as name, but it sounds as though our motivations are parallel. Your photography, however, leaves mine for dead. I’m intrigued – follow.


    1. Damn! we really do have the same kinda theme happening. Thanks mate, hope you enjoy the new stories coming soon!

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