Christmas in the UK

It was time to leave Turkey behind and get ready to celebrate Christmas. Originally I had planned to spend the time with family in Germany and continue for another 3 months through the European winter before moving onto the Americas. But at the last minute these plans fell through and I hastily needed to organise a plan B. Aaron ended up saving the day. After speaking to his parents they invited me to come and join their family Christmas in the UK. What a bunch of legends eh? I couldn’t say no to such an awesome offer and so I booked myself on the first flight I could, which was luckily the same as Aaron and Kates.

The time spent at Aarons was absolutely brilliant. His family was awesome, the house was awesome, my room was awesome, his dog was insane (awesome) and his mates reminded me of my own back at home. In the end, the time ended up being as close to a home Christmas as I was going to get. They even had a big family gathering and feast like we do at home as well. It was also a great to get some RNR and visit London to see the Winterfest and experience the holidays in winter for the first time. I was pretty bummed out that there was no snow. Wanting to give the newly announced couple (aww how cute) some time alone I even had the chance to meet up with a great friend in Manchester for a few days before New Year’s.

Being in the UK for Christmas it only made sense to stay and celebrate New Year’s in London. One of Aaron’s mates was nice enough to organise tickets to an event and put us up in his flat in the city. Needless to say it was a huge night for everyone and I managed to get myself lost on the way home and only found my way back to the flat at 6am.

After a couple of weeks it was sadly time to say goodbye to everyone and carry on with my solo travels in Ireland. I’m always so impressed with how kind people can be to strangers and my experience here with Aaron’s family, his friends and my mates in Manchester reminded me of why I love travelling so much. Hopefully I get to return the favour one day.




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