IMG_6913 (2)Every great Australian gap year in Europe is incomplete without doing a pilgrimage to the Gallipoli Peninsular. For those that aren’t quite up to speed with this part of WW1 history, the Gallipoli Peninsular is the site of one of the biggest defeats for the Allied Forces in WW1. Ironically it was also one of the first big battles that the newly formed Australia participated in. For nine months both sides, the Turkish and the Allies were fighting over a 1000m wide area of land and in some cases were in trenches only 10m apart. Both sides took insane amounts of casualties and it’s remembered today for the sacrifice of both sides and respect that both sides had for one another.


IMG_6918 (2)

Both Kate and I had been wanting to do this part of the trip for quite a while and understanding our ‘national duty’, Sarah and Aaron joined us for the journey. I’m not going to rabble on in great detail about the day but to put it bluntly, it was a really humbling experience. To see first-hand the conditions and terrain that the people were forced to live in really made me appreciate why ANZAC day has become such an important day for remembrance. Aussies aren’t well known for displays on national pride but this is one that is well deserved.

Lone Pine



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  1. Roselinde says:

    The second photo is amazing!


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