Plovdiv from one of the 7 hills

Before leaving VT we’d spoken to an Australian couple who told us that if we liked Sofia then Plovdiv was going to be even better. They weren’t wrong. We arrived in Plovdiv during the night and the guest house we were staying in was epic with old architecture and beds which made us feel like we were back home again. We made the free walking tour our first aim the next day to get a proper feel for the place. None of us had any idea about how much history the city had so we all left the tour pretty impressed with what we’d learnt. The mix of old roman ruins and the old town architecture made it a great town to just walk around in and relax. For all of us it was just a chance to recharge and get some rest for the first couple of days.

Street art

While we were there we decided to extend by a day because there was a wine festival being held at the time. Of course this ended up being a great change of plans because for the equivalent of about 4 dollars we were able to go around tasting wine all night. What started with the three of us ended up becoming a marauding group of foreigners (we met a lot of travellers from another hostel) having at least one taste of every wine we set eyes on. Our favourite by far was a local Bulgarian raspberry wine which was being shown in the lobby of our hostel. We ended up having a great chat with the woman who owned the company and after giving her all our extra tokens she gave us two full bottles of the wine on the house! Right away she became our best buddy and with Kate being a master negotiator we managed to get another bottle later on after we quickly finished off the first couple. Probably one of the greatest alcohols I’ve tasted.

The old town

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  1. risabuzatova says:

    Love, love, love Plovdiv.


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